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Thanks for your generous offer Chaz, a few fat tyres are a small price to pay for the tricks of the trade. I think I will certainly take you up on that once the machine comes in as anything we debate on the lockwire issue will not change the rules in the next month or two I am sure. But just so we have both points of view……here goes…..

As to the requirement for drilling and lockwiring I’ll have to disagree with you on it being necessary. I think this is a “left over” from the days of castellated nuts and no such thing as a nylock nut.
– Wiring going through the nut weakens it substantially, never mind introducing the need for it to be replaced each time it is taken off or on (if it is to be done right, otherwise it leaves us worse off as we tighten ’till we can line it up).
– Wiring through the bolt only will only stop the nut from falling off, once it has worked loose you run a greater risk of the bolt or other part shearing anyway (ever seen a wheel come loose and what it does ? ?)
I believe the requirement should be for nylock nuts to be installed on all steering / wheel / critical parts with all nuts in good condition with a minimum of 1.5 threads showing above the nut. (If any nuts look well used or worn in tech, they are loosened and if can be moved by hand require replacement)

As to getting something hitting me from a kart in front I would worry most about
-Lead, and if you had me teching karts I think I would ban the diver weights as they weaken the seat with their points of contact. On the weaker seats I could easily see a whole lump coming off.
-Battery boxes on tag’s, many of the mounting systems (especially leopard with cast frame mounts) can crack easily upon contact and let fly.
– Any fluids, I know a bit off the point but the catchtank regulations could really do with a bit of tightening up……! !

Just my 2c………….. but for the record I have been hit by lead in a kart twice, once doing my leg in (I can show you the marks, no long term effects thank goodness) and the other time smashing my helmet (and changing the country’s regulations on lead fixing).