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Mike Edwards

Wayne, Great post and very well written……..I agree with your post 100%. I hope it all works out for the best no matter what group is selected.
I think the Junior 1 class with the animal motor should be left alone because of several reasons

1. The cost of the Briggs is much less than that of the Comer.

2. The racing is very close and fun to watch……

3. The class had more racer each race than any other class, and I believe if you poll the parents, they don’t want to have to buy new motors this year for any number of reasons.

4. The reliability of the Briggs Animal has been very good.

I could go on but I think my position is clear…….

With the addition of Sam Walls, a tech director, ect this series could become great.

Don’t try and fix something that isn’t broken!

Mike Edwards