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Stu Waterman

Here are the national classes from the WKA website:

2005 WKA National Series Classes

George Kugler’s Manufacturer’s Cup East
presented by Bridgestone
HPV Jr. Sportsman
Yamaha Jr. Sportsman
Cadet Jr. Sportsman (Final 1 and Final 2)
Yamaha Jr. Supercan
Formula Y Jr.
80cc Jr. Shifter (Final 1 and Final 2)
Yamaha Light
Yamaha Heavy
Yamaha Masters
Formula Y Sr.
ICC (Final 1 and Final 2)
HPV Light
HPV Heavy
Yamaha Sr. Sportsman
Easykart 125 NEW
Spec 100 Eliminated

Manufacturer’s Cup West
Kid Karts Saturday & Sunday
Jr. 1 Comer
Jr. 1 HPV (WKA rules)
Jr. 1 Yamaha
Jr. Superbox
Jr. 2 HPV (WKA rules)
Formula Y Jr.
Formula Y Sr.
HPV Light & Heavy (WKA rules)
ICC (Final 1 and Final 2)
Senior Superbox
Senior Sportsman
Yamaha Light NEW
Yamaha Heavy NEW
TaG (West Coast rules) NEW
Rotax Sat & Sun Eliminated
HPV 4 Eliminated
ICA Eliminated

I don’t see any 125 motos, and even 80jr only appears in the east coast series. I’m sure there are WKA regional rules for motos, but what’s the point? We already have regional rules…