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George Durdin

I have the 2005 WKA Rulebook and Tech Manual setting on my desk as I respond to this. The text is very precise and drawn out with diagrams,charts and photograhs. You name the class and there is a page to go to for information regarding the classes chassis specifications and another page or pages that cover the engine specifications from the Kids Kart Comer 50/51 to the 125 Moto & ICC shifter engines and everything in between. Once chassis and engine specifcations are defined the regions are given the latitude to make adjustments to class structures that meet their needs; ie. heavy, senior classes ( Local Options) that can be combined with a regions national class structure. All racing procedures and format are also defined. WKA is not scrambling to meet your needs they have already been addressed.
The fact is that up until 2005 SKUSA has been known as the premier shifter kart promoting organization and not a national shifter kart sanctioning and insuring body. SKUSA promoted and held its own events on the national and somewhat limited regional level. I am not trying to be insulting but the fact is that since SKUSA dropped the national Pro-Moto Tour because of a lack of racer support they are trying to reinvent themselves in to a national sanctioning body.If SKUSA had a millon dollars and a staff of one hundred to help them catch up to the CSC’s needs today and this coming spring, they would still be better than 30 years behind WKA’ s developement and program.
The last thing our sport needs in this country is another fledgling national sanctioning body to further fragment the sport and confuse the public. Karting is highly respected and is growing leaps and bounds internationally because their programs are nationalized, structured and simple to understand. You only have to look to Canada, Mexico and South America to find international examples……..not accross the oceans.
WKA offers not only the Rules and Technical specifications but insures the events with the same carrier as IKF,KART and SKUSA……..American Specialties. Insuring kart racing over the last eight to ten years has shrunk to only two or three onshore carriers because of the dramatic increase in injury and death claims. WKA already has a highly developed program of regional and national championships that are growing as their influence grows from shore to shore…….Manufacturers Cup, Gold Cup, Regional Tours ( ie,Florida,Oklahoma/Texas), North American Karting Champinships, Rock Island Grand Prix, Daytona Kart Week. A WKA member can race by national standards at a club event and never leave their hometown or they can become involved Regional Series between states, in state tours (CSC) or in national championship tours ( Stars of Karting) and the National Championship events that are currently held at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Daytona…..and by the way these events are promoted by WKA from coast to coast.
WKA can meet the CSC’s and Colorado kartings needs 100%………today.