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Too All,

Love me or hate me or tolerate me its your choice of course. While I will agree with some of your comments and they have there merit. The documentation I have is not the rule book it was letters written to CRE and myself from I.K.F. when my son was running out there. “not my interpetation of a rule book” As far as promoting karting in Colorado I am supporting and trying to make it better. “with the exception of CRE”. I am very proud to live in a country where we are all able to voice are views, opinions, and facts. As long as there is no vulgarity etc.. on this site free speech is a necessity.

thank you,
Brian Moore

P.S. If going to respond to the actual facts of the insurance situation or Jesse Egans accident contact I.K.F. ,and talk to Mike Egan His father first. Please do some research before you place comments on those items

P.S.S. I have a mirror and absolutely no problem in looking at myself in it. I stand behind what I believe and say. Also when I am wrong “yes that does happen” know that I have no problem appoligizing and asking for forgiveness. If you know me or get to know me ” I am a man of my word and won’t say im your friend and back stab you as you walk away” But on the same note if I have no use for you I have no problem saying it to you face to face, and yes we can agree to disagree that happens a lot.