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Dave Galegor

I have been hopeful that this thread would just go away.
But once again it has reared it;s ugly head.

It’s a good thing that most of the people in this sport are commited to the sport and love the postive aspects of it.
Other wise the excrement that keeps showing up in these post would drive everyone away from the sport.

Now that you all have had the chance to air out what’s wrong with the sport and the individuals that you personally have a vendetta for,
the rest of us would like to hear what you PERSONALLY are doing to make the sport better.
If you put as much energy to building the sport as you do tearing it and individuals in it down, then we would REALLY have something happeningl.
If you choose not to take an active roll in building the sport and are more focused on tearing it down, then please take your destructive energy and venom some place else.
(There are many violent sports that are available that the adults cause problems for the kid’s, that’s probably a good place to go)

Something for us who put post on this forum should keep in mind:
1. The internet is nationwide and worldwide.
2. The kid’s in this sport are watching the adults.
What message and example are we giving them?
3. We have it better in Colorado than MOST states.
We have a variety of tracks, race programs, and dealers of products.
Try moving to a state that has one track and you live 3 hours from it
and no kart shop in your town.

Why do I know this, G-RPM currently has over 28 U.S. Dealers and 20 International Dealers, who unfortunately read the forums on this website,
and I constantly have to explain. (Frankly, it’s embarrasing)

Maybe the best choice is to follow the lead of Benjamin Franklin and
“Agree to Disagree”
Or maybe follow what our Mother’s taught us, “If you can’t say anthing good, then don’t say anything at all.”

Try appreciating that we are all passionate about the sport and have
our own view point.

On a final note I wish to address two issues:

1. About the documents from the Sanctioning body mentioned several
times in this particular thread:
a) Documents are open to interpretation.
Good examples are: The Constitution, and Laws.
I personally DO NOT take credence in one person’s view of what the
documents from IKF say. Interpretation will be skewed based on the
person reading them’s bias.

2. I take personal offense to remarks of Mitch Wright’s crediblity.
Based on his background and his employment with a National
Sanctioning body (SCCA), I personally believe he know’s
what he is talking about and he has credibility with me.

Do what you wish, either help build the sport or tear it down.
Just remember that when you point a finger, three of your fingers are
pointing at you which means that odd’s are that’s where the problem is.