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Angie MacEwen

Since George is still having problems posting, I am going to share the following information regarding WKA as he shared it with me by email.

There appears to be significant interest in national affiliation and sanctioning among the CSC racers that have made responses on the CK forum. Obviously CRE stands behind WKA and would like to give the merits of WKA membership as a track owner/promoter and a racer. I’ve already sent you a significant list of advantages for both and would like to once again address the real cost of that membership:
a. Racer cost
1. $55.00 per year, individual
2. 15.00 each additional family member
b. Track owner/promoter
1.$200.00 per year at annual review
2. 4.58 per driver or spectator pit passes
Pit pass cost are discounted with
large volumn orders.
3. 2.00 per entry- Joe Karter nat’lprogram
This program is optional.
No other event sanctioning fees are required. Only the filing of the final results of an event are required to establish national points.
Fragmentation of karting has been a real problem over the last 15 plus years with multiple sanctioning bodies and varying procedural and technical specifications. WKA not only sanctions, insures and governs kart racing, the program also promotes and conducts LARGE national events, ie. Daytona Kartweek drew an estimated 4,000 entries last week; regional Gold Cup & Manufacturer Cup events, the North American Karting Championships just to name a few. WKA also sanctions the very popular Rock Island Grand Prix, the successful Stars of Karting Tour and a host of other popular regional events. WKA’s influence is growing from coast to coast with the gradual demise of the IKF and of KART in the midwest. WKA membership gives the racer the flexilbilty to participate as just a recreational competitor at the club level or to pursue tour, regional racing or national competition.
Instate WKA sanctioning could truly unite the track owners/promoters, kart shops and racers in an effort to continue to promote and grow kart racing in Colorado…it would be a huge step in the right direction.
I would ask that the CSC board not only put the series on as a nationally sanctioned tour that could draw out of state competition but open up the rest of WKA’s possibilities to its competitors.
Thanks for your time and consideration……………

Again this information has been provided by George Durdin at CRE and does not reflect the views of The Colorado Karter.