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Joe Rosse


You’re asking exactly the right questions, IMHO. I asked the same ones a couple seasons ago and really didn’t get good answers. So I just pulled out the flyer for the WKA insurance program. Note that it says that it’s only a summary and to “please refer to the policy” for more info. I sure wish they’d put the full policy on their web site to make it easier. But here are some the key points from the summary:

There are two parts of the insurance: A “Master Event Liability Program” and a “Participant Accident Program.”

The Master Event Liability Program provides $1M of general liability coverage for each occurence at all WKA approved events. This seems basically to cover the track, covering for instance, “bodily injury and property damage protection in the event of lawsuits brought by participants.” It also includes spectator liability. However, it also says that it covers “Any participant, competition vehicle owner, and competition vehicle sponsor in conjunction with approved WKA events.” I take that to mean that if a wheel flies off your kart and hits a spectator, the insurance would cover a claim against you. But I’m no attorney! But would it cover you if a Junior parent is upset because the Junior was injured by you while racing in an event that included adults and minors? I have no clue, since that presumably is not in conformance with WKA class rules. (God knows what they’d think of running karts and motorcycles at the same time during practice sessions….) :bs:

The Participant Accident Program covers “insured persons participating in racing events held at sanctioned tracks” and includes practicing, tuning and testing, as well as racing. It provides $20K of coverage for accident medical expenses, with a $500 deductible; the deductible is waived if you have other “valid and collectible insurance.” (It also provides $5K accidental death and $2500 accidental dismemberment coverage. 🙁 ) When I actually spoke with someone from IKF a couple years ago, I thought they said that this coverage kicks in only after your own insurance pays, but I don’t see anything to that effect in the summary flyer (of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not hidden in the fine print of the actual policy to which we’re supposed to refer.)

Who is covered by the Participant Accident Program? “Driver participants and Non-Driver participants in a covered event which has been endorsed onto the policy and for which the appropriate premium has been paid and who has signed a valid waiver and release of indemnity.”

What’s covered?
1) treatment by a licensed physician/surgeon (but not dental treatment, so don’t chip your teeth!)
2) X-rays
3) Confinement in a hospital (hmm, I wonder if that covers ER charges if you don’t stay overnight?….)
4) Ambulance from the event
5) Up to $1k max for physiotherapy (aka physical therapy?)

BTW, all this is from the 2004 WKA insurance flyer, and the carrier is American Specialty Insurance Services. My recollection is that the IKF summary was very similar (I think both use the same carrier).

Anyone know how SKUSA’s insurance compares, or that provided by CSC last year?

My own bottom line is still that if you’re going to race, you’d better make sure you have good medical coverage. WKA and related kinds of insurance would be good to cover anything your own medical coverage might not (for example, I’ve heard that personal insurance won’t always cover the full ambulance ride). But the main value seems to me to cover other kinds of liabilities that might arise during an event, for which racers might be the unwitting targets of litigation-happy lawyers. I suspect most of the tracks are covered by limited liability corporation protections, so without this kind of insurance, the rest of us may be a bit too tempting as targets for people who want to sue someone. FWIW.