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Rodney Ebersole

But I do have an imagination. I can see the Colorado region of SKUSA writting the rules for a new Limited/Open OHV-F250 TAG class.

You know it is pretty hard to have rule infringment problems with open classes or new developing classes. What is that other term some use for them kind of classes? o ya, Outlaw classes.

As an adult racer of briggs stuff, I don’t have much of a plan to go to any out of state events or nationals. If I did I would just have to choose which sanctioning races I wanted to do and join there org. and make my equipment comply to there rules. I think CSC’s choice in racing orgs. and rules has more of an effect on what a Jr kart racer is going to race.

OK Tuner. I am Mellow Yellow nowwwwwww….
But I thought it was SKUSA that had way too many classes? 😛