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J.B. let me try and clarify this, the promoters have the options of what classes get run at their events. Different groups can piggyback on reg. or club race, like Rotax Max can run with a club race to satisfy a regional requirement. They just score their own classes the way they need to and tech their own entries, they pay the promoter a percenatge for suppling the insurance. From reading the other thread “cre and ppir” it seems like their are issues with the WKA rep or trk owner in the area, And from reading the thread on the new SKUSA rep. he had respect and support so to me it seems like that may be a better choice. Now if a promoter uses SKUSA rules for most of the classes and gets the other classes he wants to run ok’ed he can use his own rules or rules he chooses for the remaining classes. Since the SKUSA president sells insurance also besides SKUSA I would think getting the proper coverage wouldn’t be a problem. So ifthe classes can be insured and the classes can be chosen to meet the needs of the karters and the promoter has garnered respect. Where are the major problems?