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Rodney Ebersole

Tunner, do you pay for your own entry fees and dues?
I am sure it wouldn’t bother most all shifter pilots to have to join Shifter Kart USA. Now ask them to join WKA or IKF and not even have a kart that qualifies for use in either. That is what you are asking of all us Briggs karters to do. Plus you are saying we are weak at beast for not doing so.
You also say that a different santioning body other than SKUSA would be splintering or fragmenting available karters.
Me being a die hard briggs racer for years could have the same view against SKUSA as you do agianst the other bodies.
Maybe your definition of an available karters is one that can afford to race a shifter, a national, and pay you to tune it.
Well I define available karters as local people that think they might like to be involved. For the most part with type of customer the first step isn’t buying and racing a shifter or even a TAG.
I am shure there are many TAG and shifter people that think there class is the fewture of karting, and see no need for my type of classes. I am here to tell you that you are leaving the majority of fewture karters behind with your narrow minded thoughts.

When it comes down to it there is also allready a WKA region here too.

As a Racer that payed and raced the CSC races for the two years that it has existed, it is nice to know that we do have some kind of insurance covering these events. The year before CSC was born I attended 40 plus races at our local tracks. Every race had some sort of tech. They also had track workers, race directors, much of everthing a track needs to put on a race.
Why is it that all the sudden the tracks aren’t willing to do the job of putting on a race? Craig Mansfield and I were the first to try and join the colorado racers togather as we raced them 40 plus races in 2002. Each track with its 15 race series is what fragmented the karters. The tracks are going to run there races. We as racers only need to orginize togather as to when and where we are going to go to race. We don’t need no reps telling the racer what they can do for us. It is the reps job of selling his service to each track. Then the racer can deside which track is more appealing to go to. Really CSC shouldn’t be involved in writting or enforcing the rules. It’s main purpose should be orginizing the dates and places so we all can be at the same track on the same day, in order to race that tracks rules a policies. If a track can’t provide the things we as racers need to race there, we shouldn’t be there.