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Rusty Newberry

JB, Thanks for the kind words but this is not about what happened in the past but what we are going to do for the future.
No matter which organization the racers and track owners decide to play ball with the fact still remains that we have to have our own infrastructure in place. Brad laid it on the line quite succintly. CSC has to have it’s OWN race director,tech person ,track personnel and timing and scoring crew. No other organization is going to provide them to us. They will only be piggy-backing on our resources.
The monies paid to the “new” SKUSA only means at the end of the season the top 10 in each class will be “invited ” to participate in an end of year race w/ the lucky qualifiers from the other regions.
Didn’t need an invitation in the past to run Supernats. just pay your money and go.
We will still have to run their races for them during the regular CSC season.
Maybe that is appealling to some. Instead of the old system of trying to afford to travel all over the U.S. in the Pro Moto tour.
If our racers are willing to fork out that kind of money why not use it to benefit our program first.
Infusing $40 or $50 a person into CSC at the beginning of the season as dues or registration or whatever you want to call it would give us a decent nest egg for putting the crew together for our series.
That doesn’t address who would fill those positions but it sure would be a nicer carrot to wave in front of them than relying on our present method and hopefully provide the consistency being called for now.