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@blink wrote:

I too would like to know what SKUSA has to offer.

That’s not unreasonable.

Hasn’t Joe Janowski posted here before? Perhaps he could be enticed to log in and make a case for everyone to read.

I know for a fact that Randy Kugler (WKA) was prepared to make a trip out here to make a pitch to CSC last year. I don’t see any reason why he should have changed his mind.

I would imagine IKF wouldn’t object to regaining a foothold here, but I doubt that they’d do much to to get it.

For what my opinion is worth around here these days (and I suspect not much), if CSC wants to take on national sanctioning (not a bad idea IMNSHO), then they should be looking at any and all options and make a decision based on what is best for everyone. I mean if people are going to have to pay extra for that sort of thing they should get the best value for their hard-earned dollars.

You already have a SKUSA representative in the area, and that’s great. Somebody ought to give Kugler a call and see what he has to say. I’d wager he’d come out and make his pitch in person.

Someone else said that The Nationals need CSC worse than CSC needs them. I would tend to agree. That puts CSC in a good position with those folks and it should be taken full advantage of – not just accept whatever’s handed to them. Anybody can get that.