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Curt Kistler

I think the karters should poll the track owners to find out what their goals really are, other than the obvious.
I’m not a track owner, or part of the CSC board, or a SKUSA/STARS/WKF/IKF……anything. Just a dad with a kid that wants to race. Having said that, I feel we need a hard written set of rules, trained officials, timely ran events, safe racing, and all on a level playing field.
Why is it Action Karting sells MG tires and Sonoco fuel, IMI sells Brigstone tires and whatever is in the tank outside, Stacey sells his brand of tires and VP fuel? Why don’t all you owners cut deals with the same fuel vendor, same tire manufacturer, and look forward to seeing a professionally trained crew come to your track to produce professional level karting? That is what SKUSA brings to the table.
You can still do what you want to do for club racing. No one can govern what you do at your club races on your property, it’s just that when 160 racers show up, I believe we all want the same results at the end of the day.
With SKUSA rules for the classes that apply, you all have to pump VP fuel, Brigstone tires, and there is a certain amount of bargaining power associated if you are supplying the tires and fuel. Get together and set your deals with the tire mfg and VP, sell it to us, and make your profits.
Why is this taking so long? Why so much brain damage? Blah Blah Blah
It’s getting pretty close to the annual meeting date graciously hosted by Blink at IMI, and we have nothing. I agree that only a few of us voice our opinion on this forum, however, thousands look at from in and out of state.

One other point of not having proper tech. We ran the CSC 80 Jr in ’04 at all of the events, even though like Doug said it was decided by the SSGP. At both IMI/CSC events last year, two 80 Jr. teams were allowed to run with their P1 boxes that were not allowed by the CSC rules. These guys are friends of ours and this is not meant to throw darts at them, however, with their added power to our spec package it did make a difference in the outcome of the season for us. I do not, and will not pay money to race in these conditions this year. How do we fix it? See above.