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Cool, then its just not me.

I got flagged to pass when my friend (whos a pretty fast guy himself) was right behind me, not bumping me and not fast enought to pass. Just good, clean, close racing.

This punk’s friend got to hand-pick his kart and take a lap before we were even seated. He waved the pass flag because the little jerk couldnt get past us. That perterbed me a little bit, so i slammed on my brakes to let them by.

He black flagged me! I didnt know why, so i kept driving. He then jumped in the middle and stopped, and yelled at me to get the hell out.

And let me tell you, I don’t take kindly to being disrespected. I let the little shyt have it, and have it hard.

I also called him the KartNazi ( ala Seinfelds Soup Nazi :cheers: )