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Mike Jansen


Now that I have your attention let me point out a few things:

1) We started out as an outlaw series originally. Now we are getting too big and every sanctioning orgainization wants a hand in our pocket. To quote Janet Jackson, “what have you done for me lately?” All I hear are BS promises and that doesn’t sit well with me. Can anyone say WBA, WBC, IBF and the remaining alphabet soup that they call boxing. Puleez, I thought we all had more COMMON SENSE than that! Let them prove it to US THE RACERS what they have to offer. All they see is $$$. Prove to me that I’m wrong and I’ll back down.

2) Spec fuel and Tires? Jeezus, I didn’t know it takes a sanctioning body to do that! I guess we (the pilots) and the track owners are too dumb to organize this ourselves? Don’t sell us short, we’re not idiots we can do this ourselves.

3) Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that a sactioning body is the “silver bullet” in some of our tech issues and DQ procedures. Larry has already pointed that out in cycles, don’t think it won’t happen in karting. It takes people with a BACKBONE to make difficult decisions, empower the people who have the balls to do this, period.

4) We are a two year old series, don’t forget that! Do you think that INDY, F1 and NASCAR got it right overnight?

Give the track owners a voice I’d like to hear from them since it’s at thier fine tracks that we race. Shouldn’t they have a majority vote in the process?

Mark my words, if we have any of the alphabet organizations as bedfellows then they need to prove to us FIRST what they are willing to offer. Business dictates if someone wants your business (and your money) then they need to provide a legitamate service. Or are we all too gullible, willing to be led by some “pied piper” with nothing in return.