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Larry, sure there is always the chance of something not going right. But like all business’ the org. is only as good as the people involved. As far as the rules issues they are in print the promotors choose who they have do tech or race direct and they have to implement the rules. On most series that included different tracks these decisions need to be made in advance and maybe use a combined effort to do tech at all events. That way nobody feels they got hometowned and it seems more like a fair and equitable way of handling issues. And if there can be a decision made on a national affiliation then a lot of the racers would all be running on the same rules package and it would give some organisation to the area. Unlike the current system of the my track my rules system. I would think that using IKF rules for the 2 cycle and 4 cycle classes and SKUSA for the TAG and Shifter classes makes the most sense.