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larry toby

Thanks for the candor Tom. :cheers: BTW, since I see your name toward the top of the class results for the class I plan to participate in next year, I’ll ask now that you be kind everytime you lap me in the “requested” 20 lap mains. 🙂 . I’ll put two X’s on my plate if it will help. 😆 Based upon the lap times I’ve seen in the results and my current IMI lap times I expect to see you come around twice in 20 laps. 😳 Let’s see, at 5-6 seconds difference a lap, times 20 laps means up to 120 seconds and 55 second laps… Yep, that would mean getting lapped twice. Is that what everyone means by all the “passing” that goes on in this class? 🙄 On the other hand, I may only see you once if we run 15 laps.