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Angie MacEwen

Ben, be patient… the CSC “powers” are reading these comments and are currently coming up with initial rule structures for the classes. I thought we did pretty good getting the classes decided and out now, so please keep the ideas coming.

I don’t have exact answers about the stock moto and Novice 125 deals. I suppose if there were enough stock motos to be scored seperately, that would be considered. I don’t think that the Novice class will be turned into a stock moto only class. Also is my understanding that there are folks from all levels of racing, not really all “novice” drivers, that are interested in the stock moto class.

Notice the “suppose” “considered” and ” don’t think” terms in there. This is just my thoughts after hearing the meeting. The stock moto idea is different than what we ran last year, and it will take some discussion on how to get it right. I know many have posted interest in the stock moto deal. It may help to know who is serious about it – if it were a class scored on its own, or if it is an option for Novice 125 (I better start a seperate thread for that!)

Tom – I guess I should have said “may run together” instead of “will run together” on the TAG thing. The numbers may be too high to combine – so it may not have needed to be said. The point was that they could be, and those drivers wishing to do both may have to consider this. It may not be an issue when we get to the first race and see how many are in each class.

TAG Masters only outnumbered TAG Senior in the last two races of the season. Number of laps and such is yet to be decided by the CSC group. It will be standard through the series, though, with maybe some allowances based on the track size. It won’t be something voted on by the racers at each track on race day.

On that note, though, people are going to have to realize that with the series growing as it is, there are going to be more karts out on the track all of the time. We will have to combine some classes to get through the day in time. And Marc, no promises, it will depend on times and number of participants. The Semi Pro class rules may be adjusted. It just may end up that may be the best place for them. I am not saying they WILL go there, but if times are reasonbly close, and it is determined that is the best place for them, that is where they will go. And the “pros” should be able to handle some traffic! 🙂