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I like it! Nice job in getting the info out quick this year. Now with the tech and rules to follow we have a nice start to the year. After the rules come out will you then discuss events and schedule?

This schedule of classes should accomodate the majority and keep everyone somewhat happy without having the race day longer.

Thanks again for all your efforts in this sport, because of them, I believe next year will even be better and this series will continue to grow.

Thanks to all the others that have continued to communicate and work together to make this one of the top venues in the country…

Now my two cents, again like last year I feel it is important to have at least one drop maybe more depending on how many races will be on the schedule. I know it is difficult for the west slopers to make it to all of the races on this side of the divide and people have lives outside the sport. Not to mention a host of other issues (like blown up motors that can’t be replaced in time) and it is nice to have the option not to run a particular race and still be in contention in the points standings.

Just my humble opinions

Zipnby racers Dad