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Correct me if I’m wrong but to run TAGUSA/ SKUSA rules all you need to do is download them off the internet. If you want to run a SKUSA regional series then the racers would need to pay but otherwise not. Most all races are run under WKA/IKF/SKUSA rules but they are not sanctioned races or Regional series. If the people want real rules from a national organisation then just adopt them and quit creating bogus rules that not inline with any national org. it’s not that tough. And yes if you want to run a regional race that is sanctioned by a national org. then it’s not out of line to pay them for the priviledge. I’m for A National Set of Published Rules. If the classes aren’t covered by one then use SKUSA/WKA or just WKA because they now run TAGUSA/SKUSATAG rules for all their sprint stuff.