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My point exactly. Outlaw or whatever you want to call the rules here in Colorado cost those of us that race national events added expenses, more testing, and no rule book which to go by. If you want to say download the rules and you will have them thats false. Exceptions keep getting made to those rules here in wonderful Colorado. I for one would like to see Jr1 motors and karts run by national rules, and with a kid in that class my vote should count for more than someone without a kid in that class!!! If there are no rules in black and white for this upcoming season you can count on us not being part of that “outlaw” racing. As far as the Biland issue goes how could they find them illegal, from what I read Brad Linkus is the only one capable of teching a Biland. Wow sounds like a sure way to cheat since no one else is smart enough or have the tools to tech.

Brian Moore,

Father of Brandon Jr.1 mini max? and novice shifter or maybe nothing here in Colorado!