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larry toby

Interesting debate. From my perspective it is the “outlaw” nature of Colorado’s rules that have created so much reservation for my family to get invovled in kart racing in this state. In particular, I can’t understand for the life of me why Sr Tag motors are allowed in the Jr Tag class. As the president is fond of saying, “That doesn’t make any sense!”. 😀

Seriously though, I sure hope this is fixed in 2005! If not, I suspect it won’t be long before the “outlaws” decided Sr Tag motors should be allowed in the Cadet Tag class. Heck, why don’t we just put kids in 100 HP, 1000lb karts? There have to be limits (rules) to help make racing safe, fun and competitive. It makes sense to have HP progression as drivers grow, mature and develop their skills. It doesn’t seem smart to put 30+ HP in the hands of 12 year old novices. It seems much smarter to me to keep limits on HP and allow drivers to learn to “drive” and worry about HP when they reach certain age brackets. With the current system, a driver can race an engine package in the Jr. Tag class for three years and get to progress to WHAT when they reach 16? Yeah, nothing. They are suck with the same engine options if they want to stick to the Tag class. I bet they won’t be around long. So much for promoting karting in Colorado.

It is also important to remember that Colorado is not in a vacuum. I just read on this site in the last two weeks of two Colorado youths who have qualified for participating in two separate national events. That is a wonderful achievement and underscores how integrated local and national racing could/should be more integrated. It would be very good for karters, and thus karting in Colorado, if the rules locally were the same as the rules nationally. I sure hope we take a step closer to this in 2005.