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Rodney Ebersole

” The outlaw and rules applying to some and not others is going to be the death of this sport in Colorado if it continues!!!! “
Being outlaws and having our own rules doesn’t mean we would have unfair racing. We have always bent the national rules to fit our own preferences. Just one example,Where alse in the US does the jrI get to run with out restictors when all the national rules call for them?

Which would be more deadly to the sport of karting here in Colorado?
A TAG package imported from California that is allowed to race with less weight than a superior TAG package sold here in Colroado.
A superior TAG package sold here in Colorado that gets a weight break in our state races from the national “systems rules” ?

If you don’t think it is superior than why does it need that extra weight that “The System” says it does?

I would like to see one of our own track owners making some money and supporting the local racer. Rather than an out of state company making the money while supporting there local racers.
I would feel the same way if it were some new highzuit 4 stroke shifter motor that Stacy Cook was trying to develope. Shure Biland made a mistake and nationaly Biland seems to be getting penelized pretty hard for it. I do still wonder how many other brands of motors were running nonapproved parts. What happened isn’t the first time it’s happened and wont be the last. Yet I seem to remember that when a person used illegal parts in a race the racer was Dq’ed. I have never seen a manufacturer receiving a penelty that effects all there existing customers and fewture sales. But things change.
The TAG USA “System” has worked well at getting a bunch of new power plants in the hands of racers, and getting all them racers on the track at one time. To me however the same system also is just right for the manufacturers to keep playing the game of, the motor of the year search and which motor for which track. Not much different than 2 cycle super stock in the late eighty’s. :cheers: