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Tom Dennin


I have heard good things about both. I know a ton of people on the West coast use them. One thing to consider is that the tracks on the west coast seem to have more grip than those in CO. Just take Vegas for example, the Arrow was over stuck. The Kali didn’t have that problem.

Another thing that I would consider would be the fact that Stacey goes to all the CSC races so you would have someone who would and could help you out. George on the other hand doesn’t make it to the CSC races, but you have Duff, Dane, Michael, and myself to toss ideas back and forth with.

Also, the guys at Acceleration carry CRG as well. Acceleration stopped carrying the Arrow due to importer problems. The new importer is BTK out of Alabama. I met them at Nationals in Vegas. They seem to be good guys and I know for a fact that they have a huge inventory now.

One thing I will say about the Arrow is their manual takes all the guessing out of tuning. If you know what the kart is doing you refer to the manual and it guides you in the change or changes you should make.

Finally, even though the Arrow has more chassis adjustments it doesn’t mean you have to touch them. But one day when you get older 😀 😆 you may want too. Who knows where Rotax Nationals will be next Year!!!