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Angie MacEwen

You should have stuck around to help clean up – we had plenty of ribs left over. I have a bunch in our freezer, and I am pretty sure the folks eating at the Mission yesterday enjoyed their meal! Glad you enjoyed the food.

I will take credit for your being entertained at Jay’s expense – even if it was due to my mistake ( it just keeps coming back to haunt me!) I will skip the math class- HAHA, as I have figured out how to make the computer do more of the work! And just so you know, it is always a good idea to double check the points after each race – I sometimes stay up late to get them online, and my sleep starved brain makes errors, I am only human, you know.

You will definitely see us at the track, Courtney and Wyatt are driving now, too – couple of more MacEwen racers to watch out for!