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Angie MacEwen

Thank You Edwards family!! and congratulations on your awards.

Congratulations to all of the winners! I think that it was a great CSC season, and I anticipate that 2005 will be even better.

As for the banquet…. I am sorry about the over-crowded room, totally my fault. I got a late start finding a place, to start with. And just when I found the perfect place….. well, I certainly learned that lesson. 350 people take up a lot of room! I was told we would have enough room, but there was definite miscommunication with the facility owner. Anyway, Thank you all for being patient and working with me. Hopefully the good food, open bar, and nice awards, made up for it. I promise that next year (if you let me coordinate it!) that we will have plenty of room – and I will definitely take many of you up on your offers to help.

Did everyone have a good time? Like the food? Awards? Comments?

I will take a moment to thank several people who did help with this year’s banquet. Thank you to Brad for finding the food, taking care of the sound, and stocking the bar! Thanks to Drew for keeping the program running. Thank you to my husband for spending the day helping me get the place set up – not quite his cup of tea, but he did it without much complaint. Thank you to Mark for bringing a truck and trailer to haul the awards, and for trekking to get the food. And to everyone else who contributed in various ways. It would take too long to list it all. An extra special Thank You to my mom and her husband, Art, and my grandma. They attended all of the CSC, and several IMI events to help me out. Of course, they love to watch Cole race, and spend time with the twins. But they always ended up running errands, posting points, getting lunch, etc. I couldn’t do all that I do without their help.

I do have one more special THANK YOU to everyone who put money into the little gray box! When the kids got done stacking up the bills – there was $345! I never doubted that you all appreciate my efforts. I appreciate you taking the time, and money, to let me know how much. It is nice to be appreciated. I will get that Palm Pilot, and put the rest into a fund for the next thing on my wish list – probably a new desktop computer!

Thanks again,

I have already begun my list of ideas for next year. Things to do, Things not to do, awards, recognition, etc. If you have any ideas or comments, please email me… [email protected]