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Angie MacEwen

Relax, Rich, the reason there was not a hotel name listed, is because it is not in a hotel.

The location is a one time business location that was turned into banquet facilities. Don’t look for a big tall building of any kind, it is a single story kind of business mall, where you might find your local insurance business, or travel agency.

There is a European dining place on Wadsworth directly to the east of the building. Starbucks is on the corner of 66th and Wadsworth, the location is behind that, to the NE across the parking lots.

It is also a little less formal than the last couple of years. No linen tablecloths and napkins. Plastic plates and forks. Good food and good fun, though.

I will be away from my computer all day today.. getting ready for the banquet, so if anyone needs anything, please call me on my cell 970-689-0502

See you there.