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The only thing I see in Doug’s post that I disagree with is the removal of the S2 class. You are correct that few ran it in 2004. There are going to be several from the Novice 125 class running S2 in’05 plus the few that raced it in ’04. I count 8-10 right off and think a few Pro 125’s might drop back to S2. I don’t think I am ready to run in the pro class from a talent, tuning and budget standpoint. I don’t think the S2 class will have enough people to run solo, but could combine with the smallest field out of the other shifter classes. Just split the grid and start them at the front of a slower group or behind a faster group.

Did anyone think of taking a written pole tomorrow night on what classes the ’04 drivers will be running in ’05? That might give an idea of preliminary numbers and class structure ideas. Not everyone reads and participates in this forum.

Mike Baures