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larry toby

You veterans know better than I the hazards rookies pose at races. If you feel a test, class or some other criteria needs to be met in order to participate I can’t argue that. However, I hope you won’t put some kind of restrictions, i.e., four races, in place that will prevent our “rookie” family from participating in the first 2005 CSC event. We plan to participate in local events and ALL the CSC events in 2005. Depending upon schedules that haven’t been announced yet it is possible the first CSC race will be our first kart race. While one’s first race will always be eye opening 😯 , we won’t arrive completely unprepared. My son lives and breathes racing. When we decided several months ago that we would get invovled in karting we started preparing. We started with rentals. Then we attended several races at three different tracks to learn more about the sport, classes and karts. We’ve completed a driving school. We’ve been to four full day test and tune sessions at three different tracks and plan to do many more before that first race. While we will still have a lot to learn I don’t believe we will be a danger or concern to other drivers. People have to start somewhere. While the CSC may be a “championship” series the structure includes several entry or “novice” classes.