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Marc Elliott

Like Jansen said, there probably will not be enough stock motos to justify a class. This would need an influx of at least 8 or more to give the stock motos their class. I belive the only place they are poplular are in So. Cal. So lets have novice the same as this year, S2 the same rules as novice including tires as the YHC for cost reasons (same as this year, i guess the only thing S2 is purposefull for is driver development) And SR heavy and Pro with same rules with the exception of weight. I do belive ICCs should have a higher weight then motos. We basically kept the classes the same this year and it worked out AWESOME. With the exception of getting S2 into a big class, lets deviate from changing what already is a steallar program. Maybe ditch Jr2, no one really runs that anymore.