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Someone asked about the S2 class for 2005. I know of at least 8 drivers that will enter if all that raced last year race in ’05. It would be cool if this class was on a faster tire for a benchmark against the Pro 125 lap times. The price difference is not that great.

Someone mentioned having a minimum number of club races before drivers are allowed in the CSC. My brother and I raced for the first time at Grand Junction CSC #2. We only had a handful of practice days before this (6 max). Excluding cheapo rental rides that did 40mph max, we had never been in anything outside of shifter karts. The reason for our small amount of experience was the distance we drive to race. With our closest track being 4 hours from home (IMI), it was tough to get practice in and real hard justify a club race. We chose the best bang for our buck and ran the CSC series for all the money, glory and fame 🙄 Just something else to consider. Hindsight having perfect clarity we should have considered TAG karts. To be honest I didn’t even know what they were until after our first race. 😕

Mike Baures
Novice 125

P.S. We had the time of our lives. We made some outstanding friends and had a blast racing! Karters ROCK!!!