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@Mike Jansen wrote:

another thing… Put the TAG class together. Not the kids but Sr and Masters. Nothing like racing 30 in a class or more… except at Bandi…

I don’t think running Sr and Masters together is a very good idea at all. Mike I agree with you about having 30 other people to race against, it is a blast and I love running in fields that big, but by combining the classes you increase the chances of a back marker effecting the outcome of a race dramatically. With the way that both classes, (masters more so) are growing you end up with a lot of drivers out there who are lacking in experience. It would be a shame to have your race ruined by a backmarker who thinks he is helping you pass him by moving off the racing line and ends up taking you out in the process. Look at alot of major races, they will black flag backmarkers off the track a lap or so before they get caught by the leaders so they will not be an issue. I realize we are not racing in national level events so flagging people off the track if they are going to be lapped is only a quick way to upset some people, but at the same time I don’t think adding another 15-20 karts to the end of a group of faster ones is a very good idea. I realize that there are some very fast guys in masters who could hold their own with many of the Sr’s, but at the same time there are quite a few who could not.