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Hey Stacy, Brad, JB, Doug or whomever….if myself or Chirstopher wanted to run stock motos in the CSC which class would you want us to run in. Obviously we shouldn’t run in the semi-pro class because of the difference in experience with the true semi drivers. Should we (or he) just run in the pros and play arround mid-to-rear of the pack?

I-dunno we’d just like to play (with the big boys) and not have to pay ya know. TAG’s cool and all but we just can’t get arround not clutchin starts and grabbin gears. Personall pipe dream I guess….to bad the pro class has been following the national trend instead of setting our own for the pros (ie. Pros in stock, ya I said STOCK, moto’s)

If you are lookin into making a class for pros with stock-moes count my brother in and me when I can make it. If not, yall keep smokin that fatty role of benjamins.