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My two cents:

Although the family and I do not have a lot of races under our belt, hands down the July 4th race was the most efficiently race ran that we have ever been involve in and kudos to you and your staff, but that did not include any tech or did it? Basically with the class structure purposed we had 13 classes and we would once again have 13. Maybe that works or maybe the class sizes are the same as last year. :idn:
Stacey, I am not sure if you implied this, but I would like to see a mini-TAG class with Minimax, puma, Easy Kart and World Formula all allowed. If the WF is .5 to 3/4 HP more than the Minimax that shouldn’t become a problem since the Minimax is 2.5 to 3HP more than an Animal and that combination was considered at one point.

An honest question I think: Is there an influx of new drivers to fill these new classes or are we adding just a few new drivers and splintering existing classes??
Shouldn’t we have a poll of the classes Stacey put forth and see the trend that develops? If we only have 3 or 4 people in a class or whatever the magic number is, should that class be at best combined with another or should it not exist at all? Don’t we need a certain number of drivers to form a new class and in fact a certain level of commitment for those drivers too or is it just a simple matter of trying to give out more trophies??

Just following the logic of an earlier post, if there is less than two seconds between two shifter classes, thus requiring a class between them, then don’t we need what?? 7 classes between Kidkarts and Jr 1s and 2 new classes between Jr 1 and Tag Jr. based on track times? 😯

You and I both know that you can run the Animal or Comer all season without rebuilding them?? Oh, I see we are talking about being competitive? Seriously, what happens to this mini-max or any class if you get a kid that is a good driver and a dad with a few bucks who decides to rebuild the top end every two races?? So maybe the Easy Kart is now the best path? You have a very inexpensive priced kart, a sealed motor, it can compete on the national level, and best yet all engine and chassis components must remain ?stock.? Wow, sounds like a wonderful solution?.

Not trying to pick on you, but at the beginning of this year with the three allowed motor options within the CSC Junior 1 class most of the participants were already running animals. Within the first few races in became obvious to the rest that the animal was the player and thus by mid-season all motors within this CSC class where animals, including yourself. (Heck for that matter remember the ?Novice Shifter? class with both the 60 and 80cc motors? (Everybody with a 60 ended up purchasing an 80 motor. A perfect example of parentsracers gravitating to the ?best? motor option within their class.) Now if we keep changing the rules for just one of these motor packages we are more than likely repeating an expensive cycle that just cost the rest, and in this case the majority, of racersparents even more money. What I mean by that is if the Comer is allowed these changes and it becomes the new king of the class either the animal folks will want another change to ?make it fair again? or they will have to purchase the Comer motor to be competitive. Really, this class was one of the most populated and had some of the best racing as is. I would personally like to slow them down, but the reality is how do we do that and keep the same motor packages? If you put in a restrictor in the animal how do you equally reduce the 80 and flathead unless you force everyone into one motor package??