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Increasing the laps for Tag Masters is a good idea, but 20 laps is a big jump. Maybe 12 or 15.

As for Newbies with the X over there rear number plate—it has been brought up every year but it is never enforced. “yrs experience” should be on the entry form and if 0-1 yr experience is checked the X rule should be enforced.

It protects the fairly inexperienced driver and the experienced driver from injury and costly repairs.

Classes with a total of 5 or less karts need to be combined with other classes or just eliminated. We need to reduce the classes for race days.

We need to adhear to the schedule better-we never start on time. This is a track management responsibility and done poorly.

There are certain people who have the tags as a “aggressive driver”. The other drivers know who they are, but are seldom black flagged for it. I would like to see Bobby and the corner workers get more agressive themselves. I know it is a fine line we drive but the same drivers seem to be in accidents quite frequently.

I thought it was Mrs. Tom!!!!