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Rodney Ebersole

Kurt, WKA this year came out with a mod animal class, that is very much like the mod aniaml class we developed last year. It will stay on meth.
I do agree the WF should be at least looked at. Yet the one adult 4 stroke class will not be slowed to a stock WF’s times.
For those that wish to get rid of all the four stokes.
The one adult 4 stroke class had more entries than 4 of the 5, 125 classes.
The adult 4 stroke class is allready a mixed bag of nuts and should be kept that way as there is only one class for them nuts to play in.
If anything we should allow more by allowing any F200, plus most the Wfer’s that ran last year are scrapping it’s stock configuration and going to meth.

I would like to run my shifter next year mainly because I would like to race in a larger class. Just looking at last years participation it looks like I would have to race in the pro class to do that. Me having very little knowledge of the shifter classes ” an average Joe Schmoe” I see Rob post these five classes of 125’s and don’t understand why so many?
Nov shift / 125 nov/ S-2 /Sr Hv 125 / 125Pro
Oh well, guess I’ll just enter pro and get schooled. Can I run my moto 125 in pro on Meth instead of that high dollar gas? 😛