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I also agree that a “stock” ICC is probably not going to fly as a class, and most people that are looking for a stock moto class would not even consider buying an ICC. It seems like the only true home for the ICC motors is in the “unlimited” classes such as pro and senior/heavy where they race against pro-level moto motors.

If a stock moto class was going to work, a spec. would need to be set for A pipe, A silencer, AN ignition box, stock carb, etc., in addition to the standard no porting allowed, all stock parts, etc. If these specs could be set, and all the shops stock the proper parts, I see no reason why stock moto wouldn’t work.

At that point, we have only three moto classes:

1. Pro
2. Senior/Heavy
3. Stock Moto

All the new guys would start in Stock Moto, get beat up on by the stock moto regulars for a while, and potentially move up to pro after they gain the necessary experience.

Also, I would like to see YHB tires as spec. for the pro class. It just makes things easier to deal with for the shops and racers….