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Marc Elliott

Actually the TM engine is somewhat done at the factory, they offer a built version of the K9b for about 500 more. Look at the January (i think) issue of KS where the (stock fiberglassed reed) TM was dynoed at 40.00hp, the CRS in a later Spring issue at about 40.5ish, and vortex at 40.2ish, pavesi had 38, i belive those motors are intended to go to builders anyway, at least thats what BM said in his article. All of these motors had 16-16.5lbs of torque. The CRS and the Vortex appear to be more built from the factory, I think the Vortex runs Carbon reeds as its HP hopper (those are big in HP gains).

PS the Tm dynoed at KS was an 03, the 04 is faster.