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Marc Elliott

A point well taken above.
AJ has the track record at imi with a 51.0, and most pros qualify at 51 5-52.5, but some people that are faster then most novices, but still struggling sometimes should allow for a ladder system to progress their program through experiance on the track through races. I will side with Kyle Ray on the novice one, not my class either, but ICCs should remain stock, a decent stock ICC has 38-40.5hp, that is quite a bit especially for an entry level novice class, or kids moving up from 80s or Tags. I personally do not know motocross based powerplants really at all, but it appears that your average novice moto with a smaller carb, and stock ignition is getting a whomping from SP style ICC engines, so if the iccs remain totally stock and the motos have the same rules as CSC had this year (why change from success) then they will be fairly even, maybe even give the motos a ten pound weight benefit, as is a moto is lighter then an ICC, that might be feasable to make the motocross powerplant more competitive in Colorado. I have seen a lot of motos out there, they shouldnt have to do much to remain competitive, let alone buy an ICC. S2 should allow modified ICCs and Motos, maybe allow a weight benefit for the motos, with the PI boxes and such for the motos, but run harder tires or someother form of rule to keep the speeds reasonable for people trying to take their time and climb a ladder to the top. As for Pro 125, I have said it basically, do not change it. Leave the ICCs and Motos alone, open tire, 385 lbs (moto guys should speak out if they want a ten pound weight benefit like SKUSA allowed them), no FC engines, and NO PI BOXES or larger the 30mm carburetors on ICCs.

PS Pro 125 Kicked ass this year, thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to race this series and the competition was intense, see AK qualifying results in August, and IMI results from August as well, the field stacks one tenth at a time, I loved racing this class in 04, I WILL BE BACK!!!