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OK. I’ll step into the breach.

Since this a Championship series, let’s gear it for those who want to compete in the minimum number of events to win. For 2004 that was 6. Here is how the 81 drivers who raced in at least 6 events were classed.

Class # drivers
Kids 9
Jr 1 10
Jr 2 2
Sr 4 6
Tag Jr 5
Tag Sr 9
Tag Mas 10
Nov Shif 4
80 Jr 7
125 Nov 6
S2 0
Sr/Hv125 5
125P 10

It seems obvious that we should drop the Jr2 and S2 classes. Those folks can still run local events. Also, if we don’t get a bunch of commits from the Nov Shifter we could drop that too.

As fas as adding to the Jr1, I ask why split the class? It was a large, cheap, great class. As for the one class only motor, my son had only one in 2004, we rebuilt once, and we sold it at the end for a total cost of $800. However, these Animals are making 14 HP at sea-level. Let’s build them per WKA with the restrictor. 59s at IMI seems too fast for 8-11 year olds (the old adult Yamahas ran 58s). WKA has these on 290 lb Karts for this age group, so we make up for the altitude with weight.

I would like to see the Tag Jr class be limited to Restricted motors like TAGUSA / SKUSA.

What about keeping the 125 Novice to the local events. Do we really need this for the CSC? We don’t have a novice class for adult TAG.

That’s it. We’re down to 9, 10 or 11 larger classes where the championship means more. Also, less classes means easier tech.

Like I mentioned last year, if you already bought something different for 2005, I don’t think its fair to expect the rest of us to include it. Please wait for the rules, and then spend your money.

Rod Whetstone