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Taylor Broekemeier

Do you mean stock motos in 125 novice or just spec engines either ICC or moto? I hope it’s the latter because I just bought my new kart with a TM and plan on running novice.

My wish list would favor the 2-cycle classes and get rid of four strokes but I know that’s not going to happen. The one thing that I do wish for though, is to cut some weak classes so we can have 8-10 classes and not 13 like we do now. That way I believe we can grow the local scene so the Joe Schmoe coming into karting can understand it like Alan said in KS.

One plausible suggestion IMO, would be to get rid of the junior class(es) and restrict the engines in TaG junior so there is a difference in the TaG classes rather than age. The junior kids could have that much needed bridge from lower HP karts to the high HP TaG senior karts.