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@ScottUmbright wrote:

how did u get it to flip like that?

Actually it was pretty easy. Clip 2 traffic cones with your side pod doing around 50 mph and you will find out just how easy it can be.

The kart snap-rolled sideways and got some air, too. Came right down on top of me. Bounced 20 or more feet down the track with me underneath it.

Clavical bone shattered into 5 pieces. Massive bruising and contusions on both knees, right rib cage, back and shoulders. 13 months later and the clavical is still not healed.

Upside is that there was no head/neck trauma. I was forced into retirement, but the kart – a GOLD Firefox 100 /Leopard – lived to race another day. Actually won a couple TaG Sr. Races with that wacky Irishman in the seat.