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larry toby

Thanks for the perspective. It is very well articulated and you raise a good point. In thinking about the motorcycling and karting industries one of the clear differences is the lack of large manufactures in karting. Certainly, the AMA would not be what it is without the vast support they get from the manufactures. I?m personally aware of the huge amount of time, resources and energy the manufactures put into motorcycling. The AMA (and it has problems too) would not be successful without the support of both the manufactures and motorcyclists. It makes sense that without the support of large, profitable manufactures it will be nearly impossible to create a single organization strong enough to drive the future of karting in the USA.

I also wasn?t aware that the market for karting was so small. I think I read somewhere recently that there are about 100,000 karters in the USA. Gee, the AMA?s membership alone is two and half times that. The other thing that baffles me, given the size of the market, is the number of different national organizations. I?ve already come across the following organizations: WKA, IKF, Stars, KART, RMAX, SKUSA, TaG USA, ROK, IRA. And I?ve just started looking into this. I suspect that until/unless there is a major shake-out AND a huge infusion of new karters that the goal of having more widespread conformity is still a bit of wishful thinking. Unitl then, I guess we need to enjoy and appreciate what we have while striving toward continuous improvement.