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Brad Linkus


All of the tracks except for CRE run the same classes and rules. Your kart would be legal at all of the CSC races and the races run by the 3 tracks, IMI, Bandimere, Grand Junction. The track owners are making changes to the CSC series by creating a nonpofit corp to deal with the politics that were present when there was no official organization running the series. We will be having a racers meeting soon to go over the rules for next year and other issues. IMI is the USA importer for the Biland engine and any rumor as to them blowing up is unfounded. We have the parts and have over 70 engines in stock. A new company has taken over in Germany manufacturing the engine and there will be no problem with parts and they back the engine 100%. We have sold over 100 of these engines and have had just two failures that could be blamed on the engine which were covered under our own warranty. It is the most reliable engine in TAG by a long shot. You can drive one at IMI for a demo no charge. We also sell the Leopard and Rotax TAG engines and parts for them at the best price in town. You should be aware that there are many people who will say things that are not true and you should talk to more than one person before you form your opinion about anything. If you have any questions you can call me at the shop 303-833-4949.