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Dave Galegor

Everything I’m reading about in this thread backs up why I’m a big fan of Spec Class racing.

For a class to work it has to have the 3 “F’s”
(Fast, Fun and aFfordable)
I think we all have been through “checkbook racing” and let’s face it,
old ass national bank (the back pocket) can only take so much.

An excellent example of true spec. class racing was in STARS this year in the Easykart Class.

The ONLY mods allowed on the karts where:
1. Change color of body work.
2. Change size / style of seat (no carbon fiber seats allowed)
3. Change steering wheel

No pills on the front end, no trick items anywhere, all stock items on
the kart. (And a tech team to make sure this was the case)
Race director called for what the rear gear would be for the race and
that’s what everyone ran.
(See STARS website or for the STARS rules)
So it came down to THE DRIVER !
And the racing was normally less than 1 second from 1 place to last place.
Bottom line: Great racing…. Fast, Fun and aFfordable