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Mike and Stacey,

“We can argue till we’re blue in the face,” :argue if the Animal and minimax are or are not comparable in preformance, but their corresponding websites for both engine manufacturers plainly shows that the Animal on gas at sea level produces:
8.0 Hp @ 5000rpm and 10 ft-lbs of torque @ 3500rpm while the MiniMax under the same condition produces:
13.4Hp @ 8500rpm and 9 ft-lbs of torque @ 7500rpm. This doesn’t look very similar to me….

Regarding the idea of running multiple classes together:

I do have one concern with running these potential “other” classes along side/within the “junior 1’s.” Some of this depends upon “if” and how many minimax’s actually race in the CSC races and “if” the idea of having a separate 80cc Comer class is formed and also gets to race along side the “Junior 1” class. Besides the HP difference which did change the outcome of a race this year at GJMS, what about the increase chance of wrecksaccidents? This alone could dramatically change and interfere with one of the other classes’ outcome.
Maybe if this idea of running multiple classes within the Junior 1 does occur we can somehow stagger their starting order to try and decrease the chance of effecting another classes’ outcome?

Mike, I think the animal will be around for awhile. Sure the minimax has some advantages, but so does the animal. I know the animal is cheaper upfront and I believe that it has a similar if not cheaper operating cost over a season. And for many of us, upfront money is an issue. (Before you can hook and drag someone into this sport for the long haul you first have to get them to bite, but if the upfront cost are too high, you will never get that bite.)

For example engine refresh frequency between the animal and minimax: You can run an animal all season without refreshing it, in fact I talked to a dad who ran his for two years before refreshing it, but everything I have read and experienced seems to point to the fact that if you want to run up front and be competitive and stay competitive you have to spend a certain level of time and money, especially if your fellow competitors are doing it. So sure you can go one or even two years without refreshing your motor with either the animal or rotax, but it is my contention that if you want to stay up front consistently, you will have to refresh your motor more frequently no matter what type of motor it is.