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boy… alot to ponder here…

Yep. we are seriously considering novice shifter for Morgan next year. He is pretty pumped on the idea of running jr 1 and novice shifter. And I thought race day was already pretty long… Brian Milne is also pondering it for Cory, so they are in the possible category as well.

In concept, I agree with the “less is more” thinking. I think race days are going to be long no matter what, even if things run like a swiss watch, but having a ratiional set of race classes makes alot of sense to me, especially if it consolidates classes and makes for bigger fields.

On the subject of tech, I haven’t seen tech scare anyone away from Jr. 1. If anything the lack of any meaningful tech is the concern.

Magnus, I have a really nice maranello Jr 1 kart for sale if you are looking at slightly used equipment in that age group.

What does a sealed, new mini max cost anyway?

Angie, I think one of the problems we have with the current class structure is that we lack a TAG novice class. Jumping from Jr 1 to TAG junior and 30 hp is a BIG jump. On the shifter side, there is Novice shifter to bridge the power gap. With the popularity of TAG it would seem logical to have a novice class.

Bill Ray, I hope that is just year-end, 3 sons in racing, burn out talkin’. Your sons are great competitors and clean racers. I really enjoy watching them race.