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Angie MacEwen

ha ha Mike. Thank you for NOT calling collect, but you know I would have accepted :sun:

We finally got our phone back. The strike apparently hit the transformer for the shop or very near it – blew the lightning arrestor (think that is what it is called) off the pole, also messed up the house transformer – but we only lost power for an instant. The phone technician traced that problem from our house (origination) up the line a couple of miles – with junctions blown up all along the way. The door for the box on the side of the house was blown open and everything was charred inside, same at the pedestal, and on up the line. Lightning is strange. My modem is ok, even though I was online at the time, so is the computer. One circuit in the house was tripped – to the laundry room. Ruined one GFI outlet. Darn no laundry tonight!

Anyway, it was an interesting day, but we are somewhat back to normal around here (never really “normal” around here :loony: