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Doug Welch


I certainly understand where your coming from. Most of the additives are very harmful to your health and while I could care less what a person exposes themselvs too, exposing your fellow racer shows a complete lack of respect for your fellow man. It is the later that drives me nuts.

As far as fuel protests, I do think that since its such a serious health hazard, I think the race officials should treat if very seriously and since it can have dramatic impacts on performance, I think the race officials should be teching for fuel or have a spec fuel program in place. I do not think that I or any other racer should need to file a protest to have fuel checked given the health danger fuel doping presents.

I was in one of the better fuel suppilers the other day and they were telling me about a new kart racer who was in looking to purchase isopropelene alcohol. It was a new karter and he had been told that “everyone is doing it” so he felt he needed to also. He was talked out of buying the additive but it only goes to show that there is a segment of our community that thinks its necessary to compete.